Investment Management Services

Investment Management Services – Lebed Asset Management LLC Boston, MA

Lebed Asset Management is a registered investment adviser serving high-net worth individuals and families across the country. We manage portfolios designed in accordance with a client’s goals and objectives and risk tolerance.

All client portfolios include a core portfolio of individual stocks diversified by sector and market capitalization.  These are primarily, but not exclusively, U.S. stocks.  The core portfolio is managed in accordance with our Sustainable Value Strategy.  Many clients use Lebed Asset Management solely to manage this core portfolio of individual stocks while utilizing alternative approaches for the remainder of their assets.

In other cases, we augment the core portfolio to create a fully diversified portfolio, including additional asset classes such as fixed income, real estate, commodities and currencies.  We also add stock categories not fully captured by the Sustainable Value strategy, such as emerging markets and international.

With all clients we use an investment approach grounded in the idea that human nature leads most investors to follow the herd.  Securities and sectors favored by the herd tend to be overpriced, while out-of-favor securities and sectors tend to be underpriced.  Investing in a contrarian fashion, we seek overlooked and attractively priced opportunities, providing client portfolios with an increased propensity for long-term appreciation.

Investment Management Services